Gymnopédies by Martin Paul Roche

New 2 U Theatre present

The world premiere of a new play by Martin Paul Roche

Los Angeles and an empty stage in a ‘dark’ theatre. An unexpected invitation to attend a read through for a play reunites three actresses for the first time in thirty years; thirty years since they rehearsed together, what was then a ‘new’ play, Gymnopédies.

Thirty years of three very different lives which now converge for one brief day.

One day to reacquaint, to rehearse, to reconcile, to remember.

But what else might happen when you are forced to remember, not just the make-believe of theatre, but also the reality of the past?

The past is a big place when you need a somewhere to hide.  But not when you’re trying to hide from yourself.

“It’s witty, it’s sharp, it’s funny. It kept me gripped until the end. It’s a winner!”

Written and Directed by Martin Paul Roche


Samantha Griffiths
Stella Hutchinson
Tracey Rontree

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Poster artwork from an original commissioned piece by the artist, Victoria Mironenko.