October 9, 2019


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Redcoats (Mikron Theatre Co.)

“Our true intent is all for your delight”

Billy Butlin used Shakespeare himself to sell a seaside dream to the great British public. Join the Mikron Theatre Company as they delve into holiday huts, bonny babies and knobbly knees with guest appearances from Marlene Dietrich, Gracie Fields and Laurel and Hardy. Mikron’s radiant Redcoats will guide you through 80 years of Butlins splendour with their trademark mix of fun, pathos and songs.

Starring: Christopher Arkeston, Elizabeth Robin, Joshua Cosidine and Rachel Benson.

Writer and Lyricist: Nick Ahad; Director: Jonny Kelly; Composer & Musical Director: Rebekah Hughes; Designer: Celia Perkins

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