Barb Jungr – Dylan and Cohen and Love

The electrifying Barb Jungr returns to Saddleworth’s Millgate theatre with a brand-new set of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen numbers with the emphasis firmly on the love songs of these song-writing geniuses.

Through the lockdown, Barb has thought a lot about love, and the love songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen in particular. In 2014, working with producer and arranger, Simon Wallace, she released Hard Rain, laying herself bare to their political and philosophical songs. Now, however, it’s time for love, she says:

“As I head towards another, even later decade than the one I’m in, there is only one thing that concerns me. How to love more and with more freedom. How to love everyone and everything. How to be free of all the pettiness of life and elevate to the beauty and purity of love.”

“Possibly our greatest interpreter of Dylan’s songs” Billy Bragg

“Barb Jungr interprets [Dylan and Cohen’s] work with a ferocity and truthfulness that demolishes every cover version you’ve ever heard.” New York Times

“The top rank of jazz singers. A true musical alchemist, she is a marvel who should not be missed” The Telegraph

BARB JUNGR is widely regarded as one of the greatest living interpreters of song; her work defies easy categorisation. From her early days with the Three Courgettes on Island Records, to recording for CBS Records in her studio in a bacon factory, through performances and tours worldwide, to current songwriting partnerships with Level 42’s Mike Lindup, Simon Wallace and rising jazz star Jamie Safir. Alongside her work as a theatre lyricist, and body of acclaimed work as a writer, lyricist and composer for children’s theatre, Jungr’s varied artistic output continues to gain admirers. With an enviable body of recorded work on prestigious labels such as Linn Records, Naim and Kristalyn Records, alongside contributions to many other recordings, she has also appeared as an arts critic on radio and television, and written extensively on songwriting and singing.

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