Interview with Laura Rothwell, who plays Cecily Farr in 84 Charing Cross Road

Laura Rothwell plays Cecily Farr in 84 Charing Cross Road

Tell us about the character you play / your role in 84 Charing Cross Road?

I play Cecily Farr – one of the ladies working in the book store in London. She seems to be quite a shy timid character so I’m trying to bring a bit of flare to her personality.

What is your most memorable scene?

For me, I like the scene where Cecily plucks up the courage to write to Helene on her own, despite that in those days it wouldn’t be proper, and how she worries what her boss will think. It’s the start of a bit of independence for Cecily.

What’s involved in rehearsing / preparing for the play?

I have been talking to myself a lot to help learn my lines! I’ve done a lot of practicing of my movements in the living room at home, using furniture for my props…!

Is this your first cast / crew role at the Millgate?

This is my first performance at Millgate, yes.

What do you like about the Millgate Arts Centre?

What a hidden gem it is! You don’t expect it to be there at all above the library, and then when you arrive you don’t expect it to be the size or the standard that it is!

Laura Rothwell plays Cecily Farr in 84 Charing Cross Road at the Millgate Arts Centre from 23 – 30 November.

Tickets available from the Millgate website ( or by telephoning the Box Office on 01457 874644, Tuesdays 2pm–5pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays 2pm–7pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 9:30am–1pm.

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