Complicated relationships and the webs we weave

Barbara Micklethwaite plays Connie in Pastimes

Approximately two years ago, I was asked to play the part of Connie in a lighthearted comedy called Pastimes. A runaway grandchild leads Connie to a past she thought she had left behind. The play is about complicated relationships and the webs we weave. 

It was some time since I had appeared at Millgate, so I was looking forward to being back and everyone made me feel very welcome. Reading the part brought a smile to my face as I felt it reminded me of someone – ME – and those watching who know me well, will I am sure appreciate what I am saying.

I have very much enjoyed being part of this production which is of course taking place two seasons later than it should have done, because of Covid and with a change of Director twice. My fellow cast members are great and you would never know Carol Davies took over directing literally at the first read through without any prior warning. I have never had as long to learn a part so let’s hope it pays off. 

Barbara Micklethwaite plays Connie in Pastimes

See ‘Pastimes’ by Brian Jefferies at the Millgate Arts Centre from 12th – 19th February. Tickets £10 (£5 students) from TicketSource. Or book by telephone on 01457 874644 (£1.80 booking fee), or buy from the Box Office on show night (subject to availability).

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