Ben Hur review by Martin Roche

Many congratulations to all involved in a superb team effort at Saddleworth Players at Millgate Arts Centre for their production of ‘Ben Hur.’

Four excellent performances from Mark Rosenthal, Andy Hoyle, Kate Davies and Jon Comyn-Platt: epic, hectic, chaotic, at times neurotic, consistently eccentric!

It wasn’t so much directed, more choreographed by Verity Mann and the entire tech team was a tour de force.

And thank you for allowing me the opportunity for audience participation … albeit begrudgingly!

If you’ve read the book, there’s no resemblance.

If you’ve seen the film, you’ll never watch it again without laughing.

If you go to see this play, you might want to go again.

And to the cast, I hope the theatre are paying for your post-production therapy!

It runs Saturday 19th – 26th November.

Martin Roche is a Theatre Writer, Arts Reviewer, Drama Festival Adjudicator.

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