Ben Hur Review by Rebecca Wood

A review from the first night audience member:

Wow – what an EPIC piece of theatre!!! Just 4 (tremendous) actors, multi-roling, gave a fabulous, enthralling & strory-telling performance. 

I can only imagine the hard work that went into this from the actors, director & crew…!!

Your use of a simple, but effective multi-use set, really helped with the audiences understanding of the ‘scene setting’, from the dark dungeons to the dusty desert, we were treated to a humorous and simplistic representation!

Huge congratulations to EVERYONE involved in this EPIC production. The best I’ve seen at Millgate for 20 years!

I’m still thinking about it the day after… the sign of a truly thought-provoking production. Bravo

Rebecca Wood is Actor, Singer, LAMDA Tutor, Vocal Health First-Aider, Freelance Drama Facilitator, Mum, Circus Teacher and busy with several roles:

Circus Skills Teacher at Dance Cirque – Act One Oldham

Youth Theatre Director SPY at Millgate Arts Centre

Freelance Drama facilitator at Oldham Coliseum Theatre

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