Audition for Lizzy Darcy & Jane 10th January

Audition Notice Lizzy, Darcy and Jane by Joanna Norland 10th January 2024. 7.30pm in the Bar lounge

Pride and Prejudice meets Bridgerton in this modern imagining of a world where Jane Austen creates one of her best loved novels from the people and situations that surround her.

Expect simple staging sumptuous costumes and sparkling dialogue in this witty ensemble piece with interactions between factual and fictional characters.

We are looking for a happy band of dedicated actors who can commit to learning lines and making the most of the rehearsal process. It will be stylish and quirky with dance moves thrown in, which won’t work with script in hand!

The key roles are: Jane Austen, Lizzy Bennett, Darcy/ Tom Lefroy, Bingley/ Harris Bigg-Wither/ Mr. Collins, with others in supportive, some spectacularly fun (Lady Catherine de Bourgh) roles.

Characters and playing ages:

Jane Austen: 20s

Lizzy Bennett: 20s

Darcy/ Tom Lefroy (Dublin accent): 20s—30s

Bingley/ Harris Bigg-Wither/ Mr. Collins: 20s—30s

Mrs Austen: 40s

Madame Lefroy / Lady Catherine de Bourgh: 50s-60s

Aleathea Bigg-Withers: 30s

Cassandra Austen: 20s/30s


The audition will be in the form of an informal read through. You don’t need to be a member of Saddleworth Players – but we’ll happily sign you up! Membership is free).

Contact for advanced copies and more information.

Feel free to shall this information with anyone who you think will be interested.

Playing dates 8th—15th June with rehearsals from 23rd April, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays usually from 7.30pm

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