Haunting Julia

a ghost story by Alan Ayckbourn

16th -23rd November 2024 7.30pm
a real spine tingler for a dark November night!

Haunting Julia concerns the clarification of the circumstances surrounding the tragic and untimely death of 19 year old Julia, who was a musical prodigy and gifted pianist, composing symphonies from the age of eight.
Twelve years on, three men are still haunted by their memories of her. Julia’s father, Joe, has never really come to terms with her death. Now he wants answers and intends to get them… but are some questions better left unanswered?
In the Julia Lukin Centre; museum, shrine and music school, Julia’s attic bedroom, where she died, has been recreated and preserved. Here, her boyfriend, Andy, a psychic, Ken and Joe seek to find out the truth about her death and questions are raised. Do the three men have something more to reveal about Julia’s tragic death? Do ghosts really exist? Has Julia gone for good…or not? Between the three men, the truth about Julia’s life and death are gradually revealed.
The Guardian reported this play as being ‘as exciting as ‘The Woman in Black’ and tensions and fear mount in this gripping, haunting tale of grief and the supernatural. Joe believed his daughter Iis trying to contact him and eerie phenomena begin to overtake the building.
This play was a move away from the usual plays of Sir Alan Ayckbourn, who was inspired to write it after seeing ‘The Woman in Black’ wanting to try the genre himself. He has achieved a truly thrilling ghost story, punctuated with his trademark wit and humour.
This is a real spine tingler for a dark November night!

**TRIGGER WARNING** Includes sensitive subject matter including reference to suicide, drug use and death – see here for more information about trigger points

Joe…. Duncan Ross

Andy… Peter Thompson

Ken… Alex Farkas

Julia (her voice) tbc

Man’s voice … Andrew Wilson 


Director…. Pauline Walsh 

PA… Sue Borg

Set…Chris Bannatyne, Frank Brown, John Lees

Lighting… Bob Critchley

Sound… Patrick Warrington, Mark Acton + Joe Doughty

Costumes… Verity Mann, Sue Lund, 

Props Siobhan Ebden, Jo Taylor
Prompt, Rachel Harrison, Kellie Cross
Stage Manager Sue Borg
Assistant SM … Lynda Kent
Publicity… David Ebden, Andrew Mann


Sat 16th November 2024


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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