Private Lives

by Noel Coward
Stylish and witty

Elyot Chase  and Amanda Prynne  are glamorous, rich and reckless divorcees.

Five years later, whilst on their second honeymoons with their brand new spouses, their passionate love for one another is unexpectedly rekindled, when they take adjoining suites at a French hotel.

They both fling themselves headlong once more, into a new and exciting whirlwind of lust/love, without any thought for their partners present or their past issues.

Noel Coward firmly believed that theatre did not exists to teach or reform peopl, but simply to amuse them. In Private Lives we have a prime example of Coward’s talent to amuse a classic of modern comedic theatre. 

so don’t look for deep meanings, just enjoy- as we have. 


Director- Eileen Southard

Cast & Crew

Sybil… Joanne Weetman

Elyot… Charles Foster

Amanda… Margaret Blaszczok

Victor… John Tanner

Maid… Margaret Thompson 


Director … Eileen Southard

Stage Manager… Ian Cricket

Sound… Chesney Talbot

Lighting… Bob Critchley

Props… Diane Kilburn, Linda Pemberton

Set…  Brian & Ann Hilton

set construction… Terry Foley, Tony Glynn, Reg Guerin, Ken Wright, Norman Hayes, Brian & Ann Hilton

Prompt… Clare Bennett

PA…  June Holmes


Sat 7th June 2008


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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