Strictly Murder

by Brian Clemens
Cast & Crew

Josef Jon Comyn-Platt
Peter Meredith Steven Hendren
Suzy Hinchcliffe Roz Hendren
Ross Greg Sherrington
Miriam Miller Liz Travis


Director Sam Al-Hamdani
Set design Raad Al-Hamdani
Set construction Raad Al-Hamdani, Reg Guerin,
Terry Foley, Tony Glynn
Stage manager John Woolley
Lighting design & operation Bob Critchley
Sound design Sam Al-Hamdani
Sound operation Chris Williams
Costume Edwina Rigby
Props Jill Smith, Pauline Neal, Eileen Southard
Prompt Kay Hirst, Sam Al-Hamdani
P.A. Eileen Southard

Director’s Note
Director’s notes
I grew up helping my father to build sets at Saddleworth Players, so it’s really special for me to now direct a play here. And I’m particularly thrilled by the set that my father (plus the set crew and props) has delivered. Everyone involved has put in a tremendous effort, and I am proud of the show that the cast and crew have put together. It’s not often that a thriller is more about characters and tension than plot twists, but this one really delivers. Sam Al-Hamdani


Sat 24th November 2012


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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