Friend of Millgate auditorium appeal

Millgate Arts Centre has an ongoing appeal to raise funds towards improving and maintaining this fantastic volunteer run venue.

Friend of Auditorium appeal

Sponsor a seat for £150 (see details below – you can also choose to Gift Aid your donation). There are 160 seats available and more than 100 have been sponsored so far. Send a cheque payable to Millgate Arts Centre Ltd at the address below.

You can sponsor a seat for as little as £10 a month. We offer flexible ways to pay: a one-off payment of £150, a standing order of £50 for 3 years, or a standing order for £10 a month over 15 months – see below for details.

To recognise your gift we will:

• Add your name onto a plaque on the chair you choose
• Give you a Certificate of Thanks
• Send you a regular newsletter as a Friend of the Auditorium
• Allow priority booking at the beginning of the season so you can book your seat for the shows you want to see

How do I sign up?

You can choose the seat you want to sponsor  and either make a one-off donation £150 (with Gift Aid) or just make a commitment to a seat and we’ll send you a Standing Order and Gift Aid form. We also can help you sign-up at the Theatre, or you can telephone Ian Shepherd on 01457 874644.

For larger donations please email John Tanner at  or call 07802 385591.

Support us now and become a Friend of the Millgate Auditorium- click on image below 

We’d like to thank the following for their generous donations towards the Millgate Appeal which has made the auditorium refurbishment possible this summer and will enable us to complete  the bar refurb planned for summer 2020.

List of sponsors:

Alphin Pans Ltd

Coop Delph Community Fund

R. Gledhill Ltd

Dobcross Village Community

Delph Community Association

The Treeside Trust

Ibex Marina

Oldham Metro Rotary Club

Oldham Mayor’s Charity (Cllr J.Iqbal)

Saddleworth Concerts Society

Saddleworth Film Society

Saddleworth & Lees District Executive

Saddleworth Live

Saddleworth  Parish Council Chairman’s Charity  (Cllr. R Knotts)

Saddleworth Parish Council

Saddleworth Round Table

The Stoller Trust

The Roger Tanner Trust

Friends of the Auditorium:

David Ackerley
Jennifer and Raad Al-Hamdani
Trevor Baxter
Jenny Begley
Keith Begley
Ken Bennett
Catherine Bingley
Sheila Bocking
Gill Brett
Ian Brett
Craig Brotherdale
Adrian Brown
Eileen Brown
Sarah Brown
Cllr Pam Byrne 
Patricia Clegg
Paul Clegg
Michael Clegg
Stuart Coleman
Rosemary Coupe
Vernan Cressey
Margaret Dale
Richard Darlington
Chris  and Carol Davies
Katherine Davies
Lynne Davies-Capper
Catherine Davis
Julia Dawson
Kate & Ian Deam
Ken Deighton
Marion Deighton
Anne  Dickinson
Sandy Dixie OBE
Louise Durose
Susan Ellwood
Betty Evans
Desmond Flanagan
Julia Friedrich
Dell Gillespie
Baerbel Grayson
John Grayson
Phil Grundy
Elizabeth Headon
Richard Healey
Linda Heywood
Malcolm Hill
Margaret Hill
Susan Hirst
Nancy Hobson
June Holmes
Tim Holmes
Catherine Johnstone
Colette Keeley
Kevin Lawton
Mirriam Lawton
Pamela Lever
Pamela Lum
John Maiden
Kay Maiden
David Makin
Andrew Mann
Verity Mann
Peter Marriette
Arthur Marsland
Jennifer Marsland
Sally and David McKee
Tim Newbold
Elizabeth Partington
John Pearson
Janice Peel
Stephanie Pelmore
Janet Platt
Philip Platt
David Plowright
Michael Powis
Phil Ratcliffe
Samuel Reid
Duncan Rhodes
Nancy Rhodes
Hannah Roberts
Helen Rowland
Sam Rowlands
Paul Rowland
Nick Royle
Jayne Settle
Luke Settle
Pamela Shepley
David Shipp
Phillida Shipp
Christine Smith
Graham Smith
Colin Smith
Marian Smith
Eileen Southard
John Tanner
Poppy Tanner
Roger Tanner
Andrew Taylor
Jennifer & Wilfred Theakstone
Margaret Thompson
Yvonne Walmsley
Patricia  Warham
Colin Watt and Delia B. O’Kane
Nick Watts
Alayne and Craig Whitworth
Simon Woods
Stella Woods
Anne Wright
Ken Wright