Pastimes by Brian Jefferies

Sam and Bill, two middle-aged brothers, own and run ‘Cobblers’, a café in a seaside town.  Their lives are quiet and uneventful, their high points being board games and speculations concerning their customers.  One day, however, their peace is shattered by the arrival of a runaway, Linda, who is after a job, and her grandmother, Connie, who is after Linda.  A terrible coincidence is revealed as Connie is brought face-to-face with George, the husband who left her forty years ago and ho is now Sam: likewise, Connie’s friend Win finds, in Bill, her errant Arthur.  Recriminations and reminiscences abound in this warm-hearted and emotionally astute comedy about men who have spent their lives running away and the indomitable spirits of the women they ran away from.


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