by Laura Wade, Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll

18th -25th November 2023, 7.30pm
Alice breathes fresh life into a much-loved story
about rabbit holes, pocket watches and talking caterpillars

The White Rabbit is late for the Duchess.  The Cheshire Cat won’t stop grinning.  The Hatter is, well mad, and having tea with the Dormouse… The Knave of Hearts is stealing the tarts and the Queen of Hearts is forever shouting… ‘off with your head’ 

In the middle of it all is Alice, a young girl with a vivid imagination and a family life that’s less than perfect.  Follow Alice as she escapes her Sheffield home to find adventure in a topsy-turvy world. 

Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice breathes fresh life into a much-loved story about rabbit holes, pocket watches and talking caterpillars. 

Sheffield native Laura Wade brings you Wonderland as you’ve never seen it before.

Directed by Carol Davies

Alice is not a children’s show, as it contains some adult themes.  but is suitable for over 12s 


Alice Little (12 years old)…. Kira Richardson

Mum / Queen…. Verity Mann

Dad (Graham)  / King/ Dormouse / Postman…. Mark Rosenthal

Auntie / Duchess / Mock Turtle…. Emma Hulmes

Tom and Dan / Tweedledum and Tweedledee / Wonderlanders…. Issy Park & Amelie Popplewell

Cousin (Christopher) / Cheshire Cat/ Knave / Wonderlander…. Joe Doughty

Len / Hatter/ Caterpillar / Official…. Ian Perks 

Uncle / Gryphon / Wonderlander… James McKean

Joe / White Rabbit/ Wonderlander… William Wood

Teacher / Humpty Dumpty/ Hare…. Andrew Wilson 

Grandad / Hatter/ Wonderlander… John Tanner

Jim / Wonderlander / Dormouse… Jon Comyn-Platt

Waiter / Wonderlander/ Hare… Andrew Wallace

Catering Woman/cook/  Wonderlander… Peter Dignan

Minstrel  … Ian Ball

Wonderlanders… Tricia Kenworthy , Patricia Redshaw, Elizabeth Beech

Wonderlanders… Scott Kingston-Taylor, Jack Plowright, Gabbi Konakchieva



Director…. Carol Davies

PA…. Verity Mann

Stage Manager… Sue Borg

Original Music …. David Shrubsole , arr by Ian Ball

Additional Music … Ian Ball & Mark Acton

Music Supervisors… Ian Ball & Mark Acton

Lighting…David Plowright & Alayne Whitworth

Sound… Mark Acton, Andrew Mann

Prompt… Frank Boocock

Props… Siobhan Ebden Liz O’Driskell, Mel Sutcliffe, Jennifer Bartlett

Costumes…Verity Mann, Sue Lund + Team: Karen Welton, Jackie Mackey, Jan Peel, Cath Bingley, Pauline Walsh)

Set…. Chris Bannatyne, Frank Brown,  John Lees with help from Michael Partington Verity Mann, Carol Davies, Jennifer Bartlett


sponsored by Saddleworth Monthly
Ian Ball (above) wrote and performed several pieces for Alice…

If anyone would like to dance to the Lobster Quadrille at home then you can find the original tune, called ‘Travesura’, on Ian Ball’s  Soundcloud page at Travesura is Spanish for mischief.

The opening music, ‘Pour Mon Ami’ is also there

Meet the cast

yes it's a big cast! featuring actors from the first show 50 years ago 'The Italian Straw Hat', our Youth Group SPY and actors in between ages, The costumes are great

members of Saddleworth Players Youth theatre are performing as Tweddle Dee, Tweedle Dum and Wonderlanders


Sat 25th November 2023


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

One Comment

  1. Enjoyed last nights show very much!
    A very good production, dark in the places it needs to be and light enough for the right amount of laughs.
    Cast and crew should be proud of themselves.
    Only one suggestion. The background music at the interval had a good blend of what you would expect (Jefferson Airplane, Gary Jules etc.) but I didn’t hear “Alice” by The Sisters of Mercy. It would work just as well as Elton and Kiki.
    Thanks for good show, keep on doing what you do.

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