Welcome to SPODCAST: Saddleworth Players Podcast talking everything Saddleworth Players at Millgate Arts Centre with Verity Mann and Andrew Wilson. The marvellous intro music and played throughout is taken from Lost in California by Wilson Delise featured on their brilliant new album, now available on Spotify and other excellent platforms.

Verity Mann and Andrew Wilson talk to Carol Davies , director of the show Alice about how show started at Saddleworth Players, and how she is bringing the show Alice to stage . with a cast of 22, big crew working on costumes, set, music and sound/ lighting. how do you manage that?
Verity Mann and Andrew Wilson talk on Saddleworth Players podcast SPODCAST about all things Saddleworth Players. This episode they are discussing the season plays in 2023-24.
Today’s episode is hosted by Verity Mann and Andrew Wilson, and they are introducing themselves and talking about Saddleworth Players and Millgate Arts Centre history.