Ben Hur Charity Night

Raising funds for  St Chads Church  Uppermill, Love Lydgate & St Mary’s Church Greenfield

Ben Hur

by Patrick Barlow,

based on the novel by General Lew Wallace
We’re supporting three different charities with tickets at £12 available from church or contact: 

St Chads :  Alison Coates :

St Mary’s Greenfield: Barbara Christopher 01457 876802

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four actors take on the might of the Roman Empire

Based on one of the timeless stories of one of the best-selling books of the nineteenth century, this stage adaptation condenses the epic tale so that it is told by just four actors.

The story follows an amateur theatre troupe as they produce the massive tale of the fictional Jewish prince and merchant Judah Ben-Hur. He falls to galley slave and rises to champion charioteer within Jerusalem during the life of Jesus Christ, while the actors struggle along through the piece as rivalries form and offstage romances interfere. Complete with chariot race, sea battle, and stage combat, Patrick Barlow weaves his compressed style popularized by The 39 Steps into one of the largest stories ever told.

They said it was unachievable!
 They said it couldn’t be done!

But now the greatest book ever penned is brought to the stage by a towering team of just four actors – turning the Millgate Arts Centre, Delph into one of the most authentic versions of Ancient Rome ever seen.

Complete with…

  • Stunning combat (featuring the latest 3D technology)!
  • A 103% bona fide chariot race (with REAL chariots)!
  • An authentic sea battle (with REAL water)!
  • A decadent and unexpurgated Roman orgy (suitable for all ages)!

Ben Hur is the epic set to stir your very soul. Brought to you by the writer of the Olivier nominated A Christmas Carol and Olivier and Tony Award- winning comedy The 39 Steps

watch the theatre trailer for the 1959 film Ben Hur….
our version of Ben Hur features a cast of four actors taking on the Roman Empire
Featuring a cast of four

Mark Rosenthal

John Comyn-Platt

Andy Hoyle

Kerry Ely

 plus ensemble cast.


Director : Verity Mann

Set Design & Build : Sally McKee, David McKee

Lighting : David Plowright

Epic Sound : Andrew Mann, Mark Acton, Alastair Scott


Sun 20th November 2022


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm