Bette & Joan

by Anton Burge

18 - 25 February 2023, 7.30pm
Arch-rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are making a movie.
Let the battle commence!

Bette & Joan depicts the two stars, in adjacent dressing rooms, between takes on the set of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane‘. While Joan manages her anxiety by lacing her Pepsi with vodka and signing photographs for her beloved fans, Bette chain smokes and muses on her love life, and her ability to pick a decent script, never a decent man.

Behind the bitching and the practical jokes we see each woman’s insecurities and regrets, and their rivalry is revealed to be underpinned by grudging respect as they attempt to identify their new roles in life as well as in their careers.

Directed by Melvyn Bates

Featuring cast of two divas: Rachel Harrison and Tracey Rontree

Our Sunday 19th February Charity Performance is in aid of Delph Community Association (tickets from Janet Curwell and Hog Manor (a small self-funded hedgehog rescue in Delph – select ‘Hog Manor Charity Night’ from the TicketSource booking page‘.

Please note: contains strong language and smoking of cigarettes.


Bette Davies… Rachel Harrison

Joan Crawford… Tracey Rontree


Director… Melvyn Bates


Stage Manager… Verity Mann

Props… Liz O’Driskell



Costumes… The costume team

Set… Chris Balantyne, Verity Mann, Lee Donnelly¬† Andrew Wilson¬†


Sat 25th February 2023


7:30 pm - 9:55 pm