Lizzie, Darcy and Jane

by Joanna Norland

8th-15th June 2024 730pm
Jane Austen pits her wit and will against her greatest adversary and ally-Elizabeth Bennet

Pride and Prejudice meets Bridgerton in this modern imagining of a world where Jane Austen creates one of her best loved novels from the people and situations that surround her.

Expect simple staging sumptuous costumes and sparkling dialogue in this witty ensemble piece with interactions between factual and fictional characters.

Heady with her first taste of love, Jane aged 20 creates Elizabeth with Mr Darcy taking on the role of her arch enemy and reluctant admirer. But when her actual romance sours, she sentences Elizabeth to marry the odious Mr Collins and herself to an equally disastrous marriage.


The fates of the author, the novel and its heroine are at stake. Elizabeth Bennet must take action.


“Norland crafts a beautiful tale with a twist that truly showcases the relationship between author and character”

Directed by Verity Mann

Cast  (Auditions in November) 

Jane Austen
Lizzy Bennett

Darcy/Tom Lefroy
Bingley/Harris Bigg-Wither/Mr Collins
Mrs Austen
Madame Lefroy/Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Alethea Bigg-Wither
Cassandra Austen


Director…. Verity Mann

PA  Pauline Walsh

Stage Manager… tbc

Lighting… Mike Lawlor

Sound… Andrew Mann

Prompt… tbc

Props… tbc

Costumes… The costume team

Set…. Verity, Chris, Lee, and the team 


sponsored by Friezland Properties


Sat 8th June 2024


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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