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Opening night review of ‘Trap for a Lonely Man’ by Jude Gidney

The play is set in a ski lodge in France where Daniel Corban has just reported that his newly wedded wife has been missing for 10 days to the police. The Chief Inspector seems unhelpful but promises he will investigate for him. Seconds later the new local priest, Father Maximin, exclaims he’s found his wife and brings her to the chalet. However, Daniel claims he’s never set eyes on this woman before.

As the story unfolds, Daniel appears to go slightly mad at being undermined by what he only can imagine is a conspiracy. Father Maximum and the so called ‘Madame Corban’ seem intent on ridding him of his hefty inheritance and make few efforts to make him believe otherwise. Sadly, Daniel has little evidence to the contrary and is scuppered in his efforts to find any.

A complex edge of your seat ‘whodunnit’ with an unexpected twist ending. It’s dynamic and very well timed.

The Director, Sue Stephenson, has managed to bring out the best of her actors in a very clever plot and kept us wondering ‘what the heck’ is going on to the very end. The actors are very believable and drew me into trusting each of their stories and so leading me to be totally confused as to what was happening.

The set, as usual, lends us to be transported to another place, spending an evening in the French Alps imagining the sun glaring off the snow outside.

Yet again the Saddleworth Players have produced an outstanding play and given the audience a very absorbing evening to enjoy.

From 15th – 22nd April. Tickets £10 (students £5) from TicketSource.

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