Going Straight

by Richard Harris 

As young men, Michael and Ray were East End villains, working together on a series of lucrative crimes.

Today Michael is living a comfortable life in Spain while Ray, married to sharp-tongued Brenda, is struggling to make ends meet back in Britain.

After two years without any contact Michael has invited Ray and Brenda over to Spain for a visit, but Brenda is suspicious: what are Michael’s true motives?

Cast & Crew

Michael… Vin Kenney

Brenda… June Holmes

Ray… Ian Perks

Francine… Sandy Beswick

Polly… Sarah Learmont

A spanish man … Stuart Thompson

Director Patricia Redshaw
Set Design … Patricia Redshaw
Set Construction… Terry Foley, Tony Glynn, Reg Guerin, Ken Wright, John Gardner, Keith Staniforth
Stage Manager … Ken Wright
Lighting… Chris Stos-Gale
Sound… Sam Al-Hamdani
Costumes… the cast
Props… Barbara Mickelthwaite, Muriel Dagger
Prompt… Jilly Curteis
Video … Sam Al-Hamdani 


Sat 2nd April 2011


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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