Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

by Colin Smith
Cast & Crew

Andy Reardon …. Ian Perks
Eva…. Catherine Sharp
Errol…. Chris Williams
Ann…. Patricia Redshaw
Todd…. Sam Winterbottom
Kurt…. Jon Comyn-Platt
Jesus…. Colin Smith
Hitler…. Carl Morgan
Emma…. Jilly Curteis
Mandy Reardon ….Abbi Bradbury
Vicky Reardon…. Jan Paroshna
Kerry Reardon…. Liz Travis
Roger ….Roger Boardman
Fripp….  Sam Winterbottom

Directors ….Colin Smith,Ros Hendren, Stephen Hendren
Set design….. Colin Smith, Ros Hendren, Reg Guerin
Set construction …. Reg Guerin,Terry Foley, Tony Glynn
Stage manager…. Roger Boardman
Lighting …. Bob Critchley
Sound ….Stephen Hendren
Costume ….Edwina Rigby
Props ….Kay Hirst
Prompt ….Jilly Curteis
P.A. …. Ros Hendren
Director’s Note
This is the third outing for HKIMN, a play I wrote in 2009 as a (then) new playwright. Our previous productions (at The Lyceum Theatre and Guide Bridge Theatre) have been very successful and well received (picking up a GMDF award
along the way). I’m delighted that Saddleworth Players have now taken it on board. We have a fabulous cast for this one, led by the incomparable Ian Perks and (of course) special mention to Jan, playing Vicky for the third time.
Casting problems have led to my having to be in the play myself and thus sharing directorial duties with Ros and Stephen Hendren (both directing for the first time). Thanks to them and all the team on and off stage for their hard work on HK3 (as I like to call it). I have it on good authority that this is what the afterlife is really like, so it gives us all a taste of what’s to come. Hope you enjoy the ride. Death is not the end.
Colin Smith


Sat 6th April 2013


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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