My Cousin Rachel

by Daphne du Maurier, adapted by Diana Morgan

Philip Ashley travels to Italy to find his cousin Ambrose has died suddenly and Rachel, Ambrose’s wife, has gone. Philip returns to England convinced Rachel was responsible for Ambrose’s death, hoping to inherit his possessions. When Rachel arrives in England Philip falls in love with her. One small event after another causes a kind of see-saw of belief and disbelief. Is Rachel a scheming murderess or a grossly maligned woman?

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Rachel Ashley, Verity Mann
Louise Kendall, Kerry Ely
Philip Ashley, Sam Reid
Nicholas Kendall, Peter Fitton
Seacombe, Neil Bamford
Rainaldi, Mark Rosenthal
James, Max Fletcher and Stanley Millea

Director, Carol Davies
Set design, Raad Al-Hamdani
Set construction, Colin Watt
with Oliver Benson, Mike Clegg, Steve Whitehead, Keith Begley, Verity Mann & Carol Davies
Stage manager, Elliot Knight
Lighting, Bob Critchley
Sound, Luke Settle, Sam Rowlands
Costume, Verity Mann, Jackie Mackey, Cath Bingley, Jan Peel
Props, Hazel Phillips, Lily Chapman
Prompt, Angela Bryan
Front of house, Elizabeth Hardie & Team