Over My Dead Body

a Derek Benfield comedy

Following his wife’s recent death Gerald hopes to spend the rest of his days alone with his memories.

But he reckons without his late wife’s “forward planning”, which results in a series of unexpected events occurring that Gerald had not anticipated.

With the help of his daughter and son-in-law, Gerald strives to maintain his independence and keep unexpected visitors at bay.

But the recalling of memories revives events from the past that are both funny and sad.

Cast & Crew
Gerald James… Charles Foster
Shirley Tyler … Edwina Rigby
Mark Tyler … John Weetman
Amanda Eddison… Anne Wright
Isobel French … Pauline Walsh
Carol Capstick… Clare Bennett


Director … Ken Wright
Stage Manger Frank Boocock
Lights… Bob Critchley, Jessica McCloughlin
Sound… Chris Williams, Luke Settle
Props… Linda Pemberton, Pat Leigh
Prompt… Frank Boocock 
PA … Anne Wright



Sat 24th March 2007


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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