Prisoner of Second Avenue

by Neil Simon

.Mel Edison is a well-paid executive of a high-end Manhattan firm, which has suddenly hit the skids, and he gets the ax.

His wife Edna takes a job to tide them over, then she too is sacked.

Compounded by the air-pollution killing his plants, and with the walls of the apartment being paper-thin, allowing him a constant earfull of his neighbors private lives, things can’t seem to get any worse…

Then he’s robbed, and his psychiatrist dies with $23,000 of his money.

Mel does the only thing left for him to do-he has a nervous breakdown and it’s the best thing that ever happened to him…

Cast & Crew

Mel Edison…. Vince Kenny

Edna Edison …. Pauline Walsh

Harry Edison…. John Tanner

Pearl…. Patricia Redshaw

Jessie…. Kath Hodgson

Pauline…. Margaret Hill

Voices…. Sam Al-Hamdani, Roger Boardman, Eileen Southard, Ken Wright, Anne Wright


Director…. Eileen Southard

Set Design …. Raad Al-Hamdani

Set Buil…. Ken Wright, Raad Al-Hamdani, Ian McConnell, Phil Ratcliffe, Brian Hilton, Richard Wallis

Stage Manager…. Ken Wright

Lighting…. Sam Al-Hamdani

Sound…. Andrew McConnell

Costumes …. Patricia Redshaw

Prompt…. Anne Wright


Sat 18th March 2006


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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