A hectic comedy,
by Neil Simon

In 1988, Neil Simon needed to cheer himself up.

The solution was a farce in two acts, set in Palisades, that shows a dinner party gone topsy-turvy. An enjoyable romp that has been staged countless times all over the country, this is one of Simon’s most celebrated comedies. But it carries a subtle undercurrent of sadness, which becomes more clear when we set it alongside the events of the playwright’s life.

Cast & Crew

Christine Bevans … Rachel Wareing

Ken Bevans … Jason Sharp

Claire Cummings … Eileen Southard

Leonard Cummings … Vince Kenney

Cookie Cusack … Pat Redshaw

Bernard Cusack … Julian Smith

Cissie Cooper … Sue Widdall

Glen Cooper … Charles Foster

Officer Collins … Steve Hendren

Officer Carter … Lynn Glynn


Director … Karen Barton

Set … Ken Wright 

Stege Manager … Steve Hendren

Lighting … Bob Critchley

sound … Eloise Barton

Costumes… The cast 

Props … Lynn Glynn, Ann Hilton

Prompt … Margaret Thompson

PA … Pauline Walsh 


Sat 23rd May 2009


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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