Sugar Daddies

by Alan Ayckbourn

After a hit and run accident, naive country girl Sasha comes to the aid of ex-villain Val who is using a bogus identity as an ex-policeman.

Sasha befriends Val and welcomes him into her home; overcome by her generosity and childlike innocence, he showers Sasha with lavish gifts whilst his rival Ashley, knowing of Val’s sordid past, seeks to protect Sasha from this potential danger.


“Provokes a surprising deal of thought and a great measure of laughter en route.” – Daily Telegraph

Cast & Crew

Sasha, …. Kathryn McGrane

Val, …. John Gillespie

Chloe…. Miranda Parker

Ashley…. Ian Perks

Charmaine… Tricia Kenworthy


Director …. Steve Bennett

Set Design …. Steve Bennett, Ken Wright

Set build…. Ken Wright

Set painters…. Richard and Rebecca Wallis, Brian Hilton

Stage Manager…. Ken Wright

Lighting… Brian Hilton

Sound…. Andrew McConnell

Costumes… The cast

Props…. Ian Cricket, Stacey Pogson

Prompt…. Anne Wright



Sat 25th November 2006


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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