The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

by Robert Bolt

A tale of long ago, when dragons were still common.

The Duke and his Knights, having slain the last dragon in the Dukedom, are looking forward to a nice period of inactivity.

Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong, however, declares they must go elsewhere to do further good works.

To avoid this, he is sent on a one man mission to overcome the dragon in the Bolligrew Islands.

There he meets the wicked 15th Baron and his blundering Squire Blackheart and others.

After passing through many fantastic adventures, he at last encounters the Dragon.

Cast & Crew

The Duke… Ian Perks

Sir Digby Vayne Trumpington… Roger Boardman 

Sir Graceless Strongbody… Richard Gardener

Sir Percy Smootheley Smooth …. Sam Al-Hamdani

Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong…. Kit Thorne

Juniper… Helen Samuels

First Knight…. Ian McConnell

A Captain / the dragon …. Kevin Grocock

Jasper 15th Baron Bolligrew…. Julian Smith

Squire Blackheart …. John Weetman

The Lord MAyor…. Ian Crickett

Magpie…. Joanne Weetman

Secretay…. Grace Weetman

Dr Moloch….. Philip Weetman

Mazeppa …. Rachel Jones

A cook …. Luke Settle

A drummer ….. Jo Weetman

A cymbalist …. Esther Weetman

A storyteller ….. Edwina Rigby

Pooer & Needy…. Jill Smith, Joan Perks, Hannah Crossley, Mariella Ciniglio, James Osborne, Isaac Marsh, Grace Samuels, Andy Settle, Emily Settle.


Director… Charles Foster

Set Design …  Jo Dobbs & Y4 MGS

Set contruction …. Ken Wright

STage MAnager …. Ken Wright

Lighting . …. Brian Hilton

Sound …. Andrew McConnell

Keyboards …. David Kavanagh

Costumes …. Karen Barton 



Sat 17th December 2005


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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