Playing Vickie Martin – a real-life model and actress

I play Vickie Martin (formerly Valerie Mewes) in the play, who was a real-life model and actress and close friend of Ruth Ellis. She is an ambitious girl and mixed with some very affluent and influential people but her own story turns out tragically too!

She cares deeply for her friend and tries (like others) to save her from the destructive relationships she has become embroiled in! Sadly, as we know, with no success!

The play is very emotional and reveals the true tragedy of a very vulnerable and damaged woman and, whilst there are a few funny moments, I’m sure there will be lots of tears too!

This is the first play I have been involved in with Saddleworth Players and it has been a fantastic experience. Working with such a talented cast and director has been a real honour and I’m very much looking forward to the week of the performance!

Ruth Wild plays Vickie Martin in Saddleworth Players forthcoming production of The Thrill of Love at the Millgate Arts Centre from 30 March until 6 April. Tickets from our booking site.

Ruth Wild

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