Making a fool of myself

Hi! My name’s Sam and I’m portraying the role of Jack in this upcoming production of Incorruptible. My most recent role here at Millgate was Branwell last summer in “We Are Three Sisters”, and you might also have seen me in Great Expectations and The Graduate. It was with great excitement that I agreed to don the motley and an eyepatch for this play and make a fool of myself again!

Jack’s a fascinating and challenging guy to play and I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to play around with his role during this last week of rehearsals. You’ll find that Jack is often switching quickly between the minstrel “showman” and a more complex and thoughtful human being with real motives and feelings. Trying to convey this side of Jack whilst also keeping up the confident entertainer means that I have to be on my toes all the time to make sure that the right tone is struck as the events of the play unfold. He’s certainly very different to the parts I’ve been cast in previously!

I think it’s fair to say that Jack ultimately gets a happy ending but probably not in the way he would expect. You’ll have to come and see to get the whole story!

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