Comedic Christmas Carol launches festive season at Millgate

Margaret Thompson as Christmas Past, Kerry Ely as Christmas Present, Sue Stephenson as Scrooge, John Tanner as Jacob Marley, Pauline Walsh as Christmas Yet to Come

Saddleworth Players are in a festive mood with rehearsals underway for their Christmas comedic extravaganza The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas Carol by David Mcgillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr. 

In this hilarious play the Farndale Ladies, whose lack of talent never stops them from aiming high, mount another assault on the classics with their stage version of this Dickensian favourite, A Christmas Carol.   

The ambitious cast of four divas and Gordon, the hapless stage manager, enthusiastically portray a dizzy array of characters and have excelled themselves in deviating from the original to bring us yet more.

Whilst keeping close enough to Dickens’ tale to bring us the ghostly hauntings of Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas yet to come, the ladies also engineer some novel audience participation while bravely contending with an intrusive PA system and, with more ambition than ability, wrap their vocal cords and feet around two original, show stopping songs.  

The props may malfunction, the sound system fail, the cast fall to bickering but the show must go on, and the ladies surmount their many drawbacks with seasonal good cheer, a rousing sing-a-long and a spectacularly funny show.

Director Verity Mann states “The play was chosen as an antidote to the lack-lustre Christmas we all experienced last year under lockdown.  Now that theatres are fully back up and running, we wanted to celebrate the start of the Christmas season with festive classic-with-a-twist and spread glad tidings of comfort and joy to our faithful audiences who are returning to support community theatre.”

Farndale’s version of Christmas Carol is on from Saturday 20th -27th November

Book your tickets early at Ticketsource or telephone booking: 014547 874644 (booking fee applies).

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