Lockdown Blues are far behind us

I can tell that the lockdown blues are far behind the Saddleworth Players after sitting in the audience at their latest production at the Millgate Arts Centre – Nobody’s Perfect.

A slick performance of whit and humour, with amazing choreography using the whole of the stage to its full potential. Sitting within the front four rows of the auditorium, we felt we could easily join in the doorstep chats and follow the characters into the living room. Then a swift change of lights and we’re in the efficiently run office of a feminist publishing company, from where women writers are promoted for their raunchy novels.

The play involved a clever and twisted plot that wrapped the characters together similarly to a 1970’s telephone cable tangled into coils. An intercom, mobile phones, and landlines all wove an intriguing web of communication, at times leaving us wondering when they would unexpectantly be tripped up and the brewing secret spill out all over the stage.
From a soft and gentle love connection of the main characters to ever increasing seductive writing of a fictional storyline, the cross over of male and female stereotypes made for fun viewing and amusing quips that left the audience smiling broadly when the final curtain fell.

Well done and thankyou Saddleworth Players for another outstanding evening!

Review by Jude Gidney

Nobody’s Perfect runs from 2nd -9th April 2022

Emma Sykes as Dee-Dee, Ian Perks as Gus , Simon Wood as Leonard
Simon Wood as Leonard, Verity Mann as Harriet
Simon Wood as Mertle

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