Alice – Directors notes by Carol Davies

What an interesting play for Saddleworth Players to choose to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their moving into Millgate Arts Centre.

With a big cast of 23, it is an opportunity to use their range of actors from Seasoned Seniors (who had been in the first plays at Millgate) to Aspiring Apprentices and those in between. Equally it is an opportunity for the crew- set, costume, props, lighting, visuals and sound- to show their creativity. Playwright Laura Wade has cleverly made sense of Lewis Carroll’s two classics. She sets the frame for Wonderland not on a river bank watching rabbits but at a funeral tea in contemporary Sheffield. Alice Little’s trauma over the death of her brother manifests itself in her Wonderland adventures.

It is a journey of a twelve year old through bereavement that is colourful, sad & comic and a learning curve for continued living through tragedy. It is essentially joyous and it has been a joy for me spinning all the plates of this production and bringing all of us, cast and crew through this adventure. We hope you enjoy it.

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