Not one to bear a grudge!

David Plowright holding ‘Spartacus’

Now, anyone will tell you that I’m not one to bear a grudge.  Of course we need new blood coming into this theatre, but equally, it takes years of experience to accumulate the skills and wisdom necessary for a professionally staged performance. So these aspiring youngsters can learn by watching us, while doing really useful jobs like – well – coiling cables, dusting the lights and making the tea.

I’ve looked after our lighting as if the lanterns were my own children; they respond similarly when told what not to do. I know them all by name: the comfort blanket –  sorry, lantern – I’m holding in the picture is Spartacus.  Spartacus the spotlight. You can guess what all the other lanterns say when I call his name! (Dad joke).

And now what have these ladies done? Only brought in a young whipper-snapper called Adrian, and told him to operate the lights! I stormed off in High Dudgeon (that’s just beyond Marsden) and I want nothing more to do with it all. I shall sit at the back and prepare my “I told you so!” speech for when it all goes terribly wrong. Bah, humbug!

David Plowright: David is our tech director and is designing and running the lighting for the show and REALLY getting into the Farndale spirit!

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