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As the 2022-23 season finally draws to a close after the next season preview on 18th June and  with our end of season supper on Friday evening I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who made a contribution and effort in making it such a success for Saddleworth Players and Millgate Arts Centre 

There is a small group of around 80 people who have put on plays, films and concerts, run the bar, and welcomed audiences in box office and front of house. You have really made a difference for our audiences who have loved the shows and I hope have enjoyed yourself being part of the creative community in Saddleworth  

We started the season with Scary Bikers, by John Godber a two hander with Liz Travis and Phil Clegg, with director Mike Lawlor stepping in for the last two shows as Phil was rushed into hospital. 

Next up was Ben Hur– the Epic tale performed by a cast of four with galley slaves and chariot races… and the camel costume! Enough said about the gold hotpants. 

We then had our sell-out Panto from Big Tiny, Aladdin, with schools performances and public performances through Christmas and New Year. a big thank you to everyone who gave time to be involved in front of house and bar during this festive season- particularly Tim, Michael and Neil.  

Bette and Joan followed to critical acclaim directed by Melvyn Bates and with Tracy Rontree and Rachel Harrison in role. What a set/ what costumes and make-up, what divas! 

Trap for a Lonely Man was a thriller with a twist that kept on twisting with new and returning players and a set in based on a French alpine chalet. Cameo performances will be unforgettable. 

Finally Saddleworth Players finished with the largest selling show we have on record Silver Lining by Sandy Toksvig- featuring a cast of 5 OAPs stranded in Hebden Bridge during a night of torrential rain and floods, a fist time performance by Nicole Williams, a props list with a browsing history that needs deleting, and lighting and sound effects that took people’s breath away.  

We have also had a really successful season with Saddleworth Players Youth Theatre (SPY) who meet every Monday during term time, and have put on a Christmas show The Snow Queen, and entered a one act play written by SPY and Rebecca Wood into the Oldham Drama Festival, performing it at the June season preview to full house. 


Reviews and cast & crew details from 2023-24 season

looking forward to 2023-24 season by Saddleworth Players

The season 2023-24 has now been launched. we are always looking and encouraging people to get involved .

The first three shows have been almost cast, but Murder Margaret and Me will be auditioned on Wednesday September 6th and the last show Lizzie Darcy and Jane in early 2024. Keep an eye out for audition notices. 

If you are interested in getting involved in crew as well, we are always welcoming people to be stage managers, props and sound and lighting. If you are interested hit reply

We also encourage actors to get involved in front of house- meet your audiences as they arrive, or if you aren’t on stage you can help there as well. if you can do that contact Neil Bradbury or hit reply here. 

The theatre stage will be dark during July and August but we’ll be busy preparing for the new season when the curtain rises on 30th September for our first play Curtain Up!

Have a great summer 

2023-24 season from Saddleworth Players

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